Sunday, April 29, 2012

Insurance Corporation Employees’ Union, Vellore Division Wises Com Amanullakhan, President, AIIEA

It is 1990 when I attended a Zonal Conference for the time. It was the 21st General Conference of S.Z.I.E.F and also the Inauguration of S.C.Z.I.E.F. When I was thrilled about attending a Zonal Conference, One Senior Comrade of Neyveli Branch Unit advised me not to miss the speech of Com Amanullakhan from Bangalore.  But to my disappointment, He did not speak in that Conference. He only moved a Resolution to form the New Zonal Federation.

If My Memory is correct, Com Aman did not speak in the Cuttack Conference and could not participate in Ahmadabad Conference. So I could hear Com Aman’s speech only in the Madurai Conference of A.I.I.E.A. His Speech is always a delight and you cannot miss not even a single point. Usage of Urudhu poems in an appropriate place is his specialty.

Com Amanullakhan visited Vellore Division Three Times for the Divisional Conferences at Thirukoilur and Villupuram and for the 5th State Level Women’s Convention at Vellore. His speech on the uprising of People in Tunisia and Egypt is still fresh in memory.

During the Bangalore Conference, We expressed our desire to exhibit the Documentary Video Prepared by Vellore Division on the Tsunami Relief Work and He immediately accepted and ensured all arrangements for it. When the film was running and it was also taking a considerable time of the Conference, Com Amanullakhan took me to the Secretariat Room. I went there with a tension as we know the quality of the video was not up to the mark.

But He gave a surprise that the Reception Committee decided to donate Rs 10,000 for the Educational Expenses of Bakkialakshmi, a girl who lost her father in Tsunami and ICEU, Vellore Division took care of her education. After Few minutes, Myself and Com A.Narayanan, then President of Vellore Division received the cheque from Com K.Venugopal, General Secretary, A.I.I.E.A amidst thunderous applauses.  

Comrades who attended the Newdelhi  Conference will accept that Com Amanullakhan displayed his talents in an exemplary manner  and He was the Hero of the Conference.

We wish Com Amanullakhan, an Active, Healthy Retired Life and Continue to Lead the Insurance Employees and the Working Class.

Our Thanks to Com Anu Malhotra of Ludhiyana  for the beautiful designs and credit should also go to her kids Aman Malhotra and Abishek Malhotra who also took pains for designing.


Anu Malhotra said...

Thanks com Raman for appreciating the creation of aman and abhishek.

S.Raman,Vellore said...

Dear Com Anu,In fact They Deserve More Appreciation, when compared to their age


Long Live Com Aman.!
Great Work. Thanks to ICEU Vellore. for sharing this. Also Thanks to the YOUNG COMRADES OF LUDHIANA.