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India, a Vast Nation spread from the Snow covered Kashmir to the Cape Kanniyakumari surrounded by three oceans have lot of religions, castes, nationalities, languages and various political parties with different ideologies. There are lot and lot of forums with divergent views, ambitions, aims and demands.

The Demand of one forum will not match with the other forum. Stand taken by One organization will be contradicted by the other. If Forum agitates to implement their demand, there will be voice of Revolt from the other. The Indian Democracy had witnessed many such contradictions and conflict of interests.

In the recent time, we can quote two such instances. When some outfits and forums belonging to the Telengana Region in demand of separate statehood for Telengana, people belonging to the other regions of Andhra Pradesh opposed any such bifurcation of the Andhra Pradesh. 

Similarly when there are agitations and protests against the opening of Koodankulam  Nuclear power Plant  by some organizations and political parties in the state of Tamilnadu, certain forums have now started agitations demanding the opening of the plant.

When some struggles are natural and spontaneous, few will be induced by vested interests. The Vested Interests may be the Ruling Class or  even the capitalists themselves. There are many contradictions and clash of interest among some states too.

The nature of demand will vary according to the time and place and the demands will vary among the organizations as per their  ideology. The demands placed by the capitalists and the multinational companies  have only  one motive. It is to enhance their profits. We are also witnessing that the Governments whether at Central or State who remain dormant on the demands of the common man will act fast when if they are from the rich and are even  prepared to circumvent laws  for their cause.

India, being a land of such contradictions, the demands of the working is raised in One Voice. All the Trade Unions in India had unitedely given a call for ONE DAY NATIONWIDE STRIKE on 28.02.2012  and placed many demands and raised certain slogans. There is no selfish motive behind those demands, There is no regional divide in these demands, They are not to conquer all the wealth of the nation for themselves, There is no greed to grab the power or not to focus themselves as crusaders as done by some.

All the demands are for the welfare of the Indian people. The demands are to defend the hard earned rights of the working class. They are to   protect the country’s economy. The demands will increase the purchasing power of the working class which in turn will make the Indian Economy to have self reliant growth.

The day to day Life of the common man had become so miserable and it is almost a struggle to live. The price of each and every commodity is increasing everyday in an exorbitant manner. The Central Government add fuel to the fire by frequently increasing the prices of petroleum products. The prime demand of this one day strike is to stress the Central Government to take immediate, concrete steps to control the Price Rise.

Un organized Workers constitute the majority of the Indian Workforce. They are the exploited lot without proper wages and job security. The United Progressive Front Government in their first tenure itself promised Social Security Scheme for them and this assurance was incorporated in their policy document National Common Minimum Programme. But the Government is not prepared to implement it in the right spirit. The Strike focuses on this demand.

It is only the Indian Parliament which passed many labour welfare laws. They did not come as a platter. They were brought only due to the struggles and sacrifices of the Indian Working Class to protect the Rights of the workers and the trade unions. Though the present legislations are insufficient in today’s globalization climate,  Multinational companies are not prepared to enforce even these laws. It is a direct threat to the Indian Parliamentary Democracy.

But the Central and several state governments remain as mute spectators to this attack on Indian democratic systems. Sometimes, the government   even toes the lines of multinational companies and unleash  brutal  attack  on  the  workers with police force. Can we forget the police assault on the workers of Honda, Hundai and Foxcon workers?

When India became Independent, No capitalist country including America came forward to help India for  its industrial  and infra structural development. It is the Soviet Union and Socialist Countries of Eastern Europe which gave a helping hand. The Indian Capitalists  were also not prepared to invest in the Heavy Industries as they could not reap quick profits. In such a situation, the Jawaharlal Nehru’s Government had started the Public Sector Industries. The various public sector industries which were formed with the technical knowhow of the USSR and other socialist countries took India to the Growth path. They had created job opportunities for Indian youth and also ensured the implementation of reservation policy for the oppressed class.

Those who were not prepared to help the country in the difficult times now want to kill the public sector for their selfish motive to heap more profit. Can we allow this arrogance? Is it not our duty to protect the Public Sector? The Indian Trade Union Movement in categorical terms tell the Government, “ Don’t Disinvest PSU Shares”.

A worker gives his entire life’s labour to the institution he works and when he retires in the old age, It is only the Pension Benefit which supports him for the remaining period of his life. The International Financial Capital wants to snatch the crores of Rupees accumulated in the Pension Funds. To enable for their evil design, the Central Government had introduced New Pension Scheme and wants to play with the future of the workers.

The Government is re enacting  the Maha bharata  where the stake is Indian worker’s Savings, the field is speculative share market and the dices to be rolled is the new pension scheme. When the International Finance Capital had taken the role of ‘Shakuni’,  We  can predict the outcome, How can we allow this to happen. The senseless Indian Government is acting fast in this direction despite the fact that many trillions of dollars vanished from the Pension Funds during the World Economic Crisis.

The Indian Rich is growing. Many Indians are added every year in the List of Dollar Billionaires  published by the Forbes Magazine. The Gap between the Rich and the Poor also is widening every year. It proves that there is no inclusive growth as  propagated   by the  Lobbyists of the Globalization. This being the situation of the Common Man, 28th February 2012 Strike Demands to amend the Minimum Wages Act to increase the Minimum Wage as Rs 10,000 and remove the maximum ceilings for Bonus Eligibility and Gratuity  Ceiling .   

All the above demands are common for all the workers of the country who spread in all length and breadth of the country. All the workers are going to raise these demands in a single voice on the day of Strike. When ever, the Trade Unions go on any Strike Action, the ruling class and the capitalist media will portray them as politically motivated.

It is not just the Left Trade unions and the various industry wise all India organizations  who had given call for this strike, It is also the I.N.T.U.C, Trade Union wing of Ruling Congress Party, B.M.S of Bharathiya Janatha Party and Thozhilalaar Munnetra Sanga Peravai  of DMK, another alliance partner of UPA  are taking part in this joint struggle. When all these Unions are joining this strike, can any one term this strike as politically motivated? Is there any other motive other than the people’s welfare in all these demands?

When all these demands are accepted and implemented, India will commence its journey towards growth. If the Government does not change its policies, this strike will create a solid base for the change of the Government itself. When all the Trade Unions in the country are marching ahead for the One Day Strike on 28.02.2012, it is the duty of the Insurance Employees to lead the struggle of masses. AIIEA had given a call to all the Insurance Employees to participate in the Strike. Let us make the One Day Strike on 28.02.2012, a Grand Success and continue to struggle till we reach our Goal.


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