Tuesday, September 18, 2012



18.09.2012 is the 16th Death Anniversary of Com Sunil Maitra, One of the Great Leader of A.I.I.E.A.

Insurance Week was celebrated with lot of Enthusiasm  and Jubilation   throughout  the Country. We must not forget the Fact that Com Sunil Maitra, who is referred as War Minister of A.I.I.E.A by Our Senior Comrades turned Indian Parliament into a Battle Field and successfully defended the L.I.C of India as a Monolithic Corporation when the Congress Government attempted to Split LIC as Five Corporations. This laid the Foundation for the Consolidation and the Present Growth of the L.I.C of India.

To Pay Homage to the Great Visionary, Com Sunil Maitra, We reproduce Excerpts from His Article on Paris Commune in the March 1976 Issue of Insurance Worker.

“Paris Commune graphically  established two things, If the bourgeoisie is forced to make a choice between the national interest and his class interest, he will not hesitate even for a moment to sell his country to retain or win his class interest. One of the greatest lessons of Paris Commune is that let no worker take lessons on patriotism from bourgeoisie or their spokesmen. Working Class is the greatest of all patriots. But their patriotism is not narrow, class patriotism. Their Patriotism is for their own country as well as for the toiling people of the entire humanity”

How Correct is his vision in the present Indian scenario where the Ruling Government is selling India to the American Imperialism and to the Multi National Companies.

Let us be in forefront in the Struggle to protect the Country. That will be the fitting homage to Com Sunil Maitra.

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