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24th December 2011

To all the Zonal/Divisional Units in life sector and
Secretary, Standing Committee, (GI):

Dear Comrades,

Com. K. Venu Gopal, General Secretary, AIIEA was on an organizational visit to Mumbai on 23rd December 2011 to attend a meeting organized by the four Divisional Units in Mumbai along with the Divisional Union at Thane.

During the visit he took the opportunity to meet the officials of Central Office and discussed the following issues.  Shri A.K. Dasgupta, Managing Director, Shri B. Manivannan, Executive Director (Personnel) and Shri S. Mohanty, Chief (Legal) were present during the discussion.

Absorption of temporary employees as per Supreme Court judgment:

AIIEA impressed upon the officials that the temporary employees who have appeared for the interview and are awaiting the appointment orders are disturbed over the delay in the final process of recruitment and that an early solution is to be found.

The officials informed that since some High Courts issued orders for stay of the process based on the petitions of certain unions/associations, LIC is seeking Supreme Court intervention for implementation of the Judgment dated 18th January 2011. In the process, LIC sought transfer of petitions in various High Courts to Supreme Court. This process was also completed. LIC mentioned about the issue before a Bench of the Supreme Court on 16th November 2011 and sought permission to go ahead with the recruitment.  Officials expressed confidence that the issue can be resolved after the Supreme Court meets after the winter vacation.

One more option for Pension

Managing Director informed us that LIC has already taken up with the Government and further follow up will be made.  LIC officials also informed that since the LIC and Public Sector General Insurance Companies come under the same Insurance Division of the Ministry, Government wants general insurance sector also to respond on this issue. Managing Director agreed to take up with the government once again.

AIIEA also discussed about the implementation of the Jaipur High Court judgment on improvements in the Pension of retired employees.  Officials of LIC informed that the government is the authority for any modification in the Pension Scheme, 1995 and any improvements/changes are to be cleared by the government. They expressed inability to discuss any further since the matter is now before the Supreme Court.

PL encashment – condition of availing 15 days PL to be withdrawn

We pointed out that this was an assurance at the time of wage revision and is getting unduly delayed. Managing Director informed that this issue was already presented before the Government.  He advised the officials to once again prepare a note and place it to him for further follow up with the government.

Housing Loans:

Chief (Legal) confirmed that the new module relating to the calculation of EMI and subsidy portion of it were sent to the divisional offices on 18th December 2011.  He informed that the total EMI amount will be shown as recovery and subsidy from LIC will be shown as payment.  This would help the employee to get income tax concession on the whole EMI while paying tax on perk on the subsidy amount. He said that the module is already being operated in many offices and that the employees are going to get the subsidy refund soon.  On the issue relating to problem in calculation of EMI, he said that after the present module starts working in all the offices, specific instances may be brought to his notice where the EMI calculation is to be rectified.

Sodexo Coupons

There was information from certain units of AIIEA about non acceptance of Sodexo meal coupons by some Super Markets across the country, from 1st January, 2012. AIIEA brought this issue to the notice of Central Office on 17th December 2011 and sought an immediate solution. This was once again represented on 23rd December 2011.

In response to our representation, Central Office initiated a dialogue with the M/s Sodexo SVC India Pvt Ltd., to resolve the issue.  Now CO sent a communication on 23-12-2011 (which is available in the Central Office site) about the developments in this regard.  Our units may also suggest the names of the additional outlets at convenient centers, if any, willing to accept the Sodexo coupons, to the concerned office.

Other issues including the fixation of ex-servicemen reemployed in LIC (after the pay scales of  6th Pay Comission), fixation on promotion at stagnation stages, cases of the temporary employees who were on the earlier panels but could not be absorbed in 2007 and certain individual issues were also discussed and AIIEA sought early solution for these issues.

 With greetings,
Comradely yours,
Sd. .K.Venugopal
General Secretary.

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