Friday, December 30, 2011

Greetings to Com B.Sanyal, Joint Secretary, A.I.I.E.A

Insurance  Corporation  Employees’  Union
Vellore  Division


Com B.Sanyal,
Joint  Secretary, A.I.I.E.A

A  Long, Active, Purposeful, Healthy  Life

On  His  Retirement  from  L.I.C  of  India  on  31.12.2011.

Com B.Sanyal, Joint Secretary, A.I.I.E.A  and  General  Secretary, C.Z.I.E.A is  retiring  from  the  services  of  L.I.C  of  India  on  31.12.2011.

On  the  eve  of  His  Retirement  from  L.I.C  of  India, I  would  like  share  a  few  in  this  forum.

I  First  heard  about  Com B.Sanyal, through  Insurance  Worker  in  1988  when  the  Goondas  of  Congress I  attacked  our  Raipur  Divisional  Office, ransacked  the  Office  properties  and  made  Police  to  arrest  Com B.Sanyal. What was  the  offence?  For  Displaying  a  Cartoon  Exposing  the  Bofors  Scam   that  too  in  Our  Notice  Board  provoked  the  Congress  Goondas  to  behave  violently. But  they  could  not  intimidate  Our  Comrades  and  there  was  a  Spontaneous  Rally  by  Insurance  Employees  and  other  trade  unions  condemning  the  Attack.

I  had  the  opportunity  to  hear  him  for  the  First  Time  in  1994  in  the  15th  General  Conference  of  A.I.I.E.A  at  Ahemedabad  and   His voice  was  a  unique   one  and  His  way  of  expressing  the  views  will be  very  very  categorical.  His  Firm  Belief  on  the  Marxian  Ideology  will get  reflected  in  his  speeches.

Comrades  who  attended  the  19th  General  Conference  of  A.I.I.E.A  will  not  forget  the  Magnificent  Hall  erected  for  this  purpose. I  also  recollect  one  incident  during  that  Conference. On the  First  Day, there  were  some  difficulties  in  the  catering  arrangement. In  the  evening, when  he was  reporting  that they  negotiated  with  the  Caterers, Com N.M.Sundaram  intervened  and  asked “ What  was  the  result?”. Com Sanyal  spontaneously  replied “Success  is  Our  Tradition”.

His  care  for  the  Comrades  of  the  Zone  are  well known to me. When ever any  Comrade from  Central   Zone  visits  Vellore  for  treatment  in  CMC Hospital, He  will inform me well in  advance  asking  to  extend  all possible  help.

When I requested  him to inaugurate the 23rd General Conference of Vellore Division at Gudiyatham in April 2010, He readily agreed and travelled all the way from Raipur to the Small Town Gudiyatham in Vellore District. His address enthused the comrades of Vellore Division. His speech during the delegates session and the story of a village in which all houses were prepared with loaded guns is still ringing in my ears.

He is retiring only from the services of L.I.C and his journey for the Insurance Employees and the Working Class will continue.

On behalf of all members of Vellore Division,
We once again  wish
Com B.Sanyal,
A Long, Active, Purposeful, Healthy Life.

My Thanks to Com Anu Malhotra of Ludhiyana who took pains to design a Greetings for Com B.Sanyal in a very beautiful manner

Com Sanyal during Gudiyatham Conference



Santha Lakshmi said...

May The Almighty shower his grace upon Com.Sanyal for a Healthy, Prosperous and ACTIVE life after retiring form LIC.

Anu Malhotra said...

Thanks com Raman.Its the Spirit of AIIEA that reflect in beautiful way.Its a piece of gratitude for their AIIEA work.

S.Raman,Vellore said...

Thanks Com Anu, For Your Visit and Feed back. Thanks again for the beautiful design

S.Raman,Vellore said...

Thanks Com Santha for your visit and wish

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